Imagine Big Brother – but smart. With amazing, beautiful and wise people.

Why? Because You can fake something for a couple of hours. Maybe even days. But You can’t fake real life. And we want to show that real life can be better thanks to cooperation and coliving.

Welcome to the Love Mansion. A place of true personal development in every aspect of life. A place where You can find real inspiration, from real people. A place, where You can not only see, but also learn about life. Because life is a constant journey and a constant development.

None of us is perfect. But together – we can create perfect environment for our groth. We can inspire and get inspired. We can teach and we can learn. We can share what’s best in us and help each other with our flaws. We can do so much more in life, because together we are strong. Together we can become greater, than each of us could become on our own.

We will cook and eat together. We will learn how to live together. We will take care of our house and each other. We will share our knowladge. We will take care of our health. We will learn lots of usefull skills. We will invite interesting and inspiring people. We will have lots of fun together. We will share our journey with others. And we will invite them to become part of our life. And we will make history!

We will do a live stream to the web (YouTube, Facebook, maybe Twitch or other) from 6 pm to 10 pm every week day and from 12 am to 10 pm on saturday and sunday.

During the stream we usually do cooking, eating and regular conversation around 6 – 8 pm. Than 8 – 10 pm some learning or entertainment activities within our team and also with invited guests.

We also have spare space for guests that can come and visit our house and share life with us for couple of days.

Everything else – is what we create in this unique space. Every month is a new team. Every month is a new adventure. Every month is a month that is worth spending together!

Do You want to become part of this great story?